Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wednesday weigh in.

So I weighed in this week and I'm down 3% body fat, 4 metabolic years and up .5 lbs.  Even though my weight went up a half of a pound (which I'm sure was water weight, right?  I mean it can't help that I weigh in at night...), I'm pretty exicted that the other stuff went down (they're more important anyway, me thinks)!

I used to take Thursday mornings off from the gym, most likely because it's an interval class and interval classes and I don't like each other...but this article confirmed that interval classes are just what I need to be doing.  There are also lots of other good tips included in the article to help your metabolism.

How are everyone else's New Years Resolutions coming along? 

The good news is the attendance in the classes at my gym has gradually been dropping, so that's a positive.  For me at least.  Maybe not for those people who can't get motivated to go the gym...


  1. I've already broken my New Year's resolution. My group at work says too many funny things and I laugh at all the innuendos. But it's supposed to be a steady climb to your resolution right? I figure I have time ;)

  2. Less people at the gym is TOTALLY a positive. it's like a few weeks into school when people start dropping classes and parking spots are available again. Bad for you, good for me. :)