Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wednesday weigh in

This week sucked.  Maybe it was all the beer I drank?  Or, maybe it was because I weighed in at a different time?  Either way I was less than pleased, but I guess there will be good and bad weeks.  Or at least that's what happens on the Biggest Loser.

I lost 3 pounds, but my metabolic age and fat % went up.  Guh.

Anywho, here's a good article about small changes to your diet that you can make on a daily basis.  I have been an active participant in stepping up my protein recently and I definitely don't eat as much throughout the day; I still love carbs, but adding a little more protein throughout the day helps me eat less!

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  1. I haven't had a beer in forever. I made a little pact with myself that I would only have a franziskaner if it was on tap. Luckily most places don't carry it! Well kinda lucky I guess. Hang in there. Life is full of ups and downs. Unfortunately so is our weight ;)